Creating Influence Through the Art of Public Speaking

Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD
9 min readJul 4, 2022

Brenden Kumarasamy (Master Talk)

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Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD: So welcome everybody to this week’s podcast episode for the Financial Freedom for Physicians Podcast. And I’m your host, Dr. Christopher Loo. And as you know, we are expanding our reach for this podcast. It has grown over the last two years. And we are still focused on financial, emotional, time and location freedom. But I’m expanding it to all different types of guests, and guests that are from all around the world, doing fantastic work; thought leaders, innovators. And today we have a guest that has a quite interesting background in public speaking. So we have Brenden Kumarasamy, based out of Montreal, and he’s going to talk to us all about public speaking. He’s a Communication Coach and a YouTuber, founder and CEO of MasterTalk. And I’ll let him introduce himself and we’ll get started. So Brenden, welcome.

Brenden Kumarasamy: Hey, thanks so much, Chris. Good to be here. Yeah, to your point brother, I’m the founder of the MasterTalk YouTube channel, that started to master the art of communication and public speaking. And the way that I started was when I was in university, I used to do these things called case competitions. Think of it like professional sports for nerds. So a lot of the guys my age are playing rugby or basketball, or something I probably wouldn’t do. I did presentations competitively. And that’s what led to the idea for the YouTube channel, because I realized that everything in my head wasn’t available for free online. And then a few years later, it turned to what it is today.

Christopher H. Loo, MD-PhD

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